How do I get a copy of a Police report?

Copies of reports are available from our Records Bureau. They can be reached at 304-696-4470. Incident reports are generally available for release within one to three working days, and crash reports are generally available within three to five working days. Factors such as ongoing investigations, officer’s days off, and computer system issues sometimes increase the time it takes to release a report.

You may also get a copy of a crash report online at this location . Crash reports cost $25 and they will have to create a login/account. Use the date of crash and last name of involved party to pull up the report.


Can I make a report on the phone or online?

We occasionally have a telecaller available to take reports over the phone, as staffing allows, but all calls for reports or service still go through Cabell County 911. If a telecaller is available, and your report fits the criteria, you will be referred to them. If your call does not meet the criteria for telephone reporting, or no telecaller is available, an officer will be dispatched to your location to speak to you. While we currently do not have the capability to take reports online, we hope to offer this service in the future.


How can I get in contact with a specific Detective or Officer?

Patrol officers do not have individual phone lines or extensions. If you wish to leave a message for a patrol officer, you may either come to our lobby and leave a note there or call 304-696-4470 where one of our clerks will take the message and leave it in the officer’s mail box.

Other numbers are as follows:

The Office of the Chief of Police – 304-696-5510

The Office of Professional Standards – to file a complaint or commend or compliment an officer’s conduct or actions. 304-696-5550

Our Records Bureau – for crash reports, incident reports, and background records checks. 304-696-4470

Our Criminal Investigations Bureau – to reach a detective regarding an investigation. 304-696-4420

Our Administrative Bureau – to speak to someone about hiring, training, grant programs, purchasing, payroll, or crime statistics. 304-696-5560

Our Forensic Services Unit – to speak to someone about fingerprinting. 304-696-4428


How much does a copy of a report cost?

Cost for report copies is as follows:

Incident reports are $5 if you pick them up at headquarters or $10 if you request them through the mail

Traffic crash reports are $20 at police headquarters, $25 online, or $20 if you request it through the mail.

We do not fax any reports.


How do I leave a crime tip?

Crime tips can be left through the following means; anonymous tips can be left by calling 304-696-4444. The phone line tips are checked daily. Information collected from these sources is passed on to the appropriate division or unit, internally. Depending on the nature of the information you provide, you may or may not receive a return call, but your tip will be read and passed to the proper recipient.


How do I thank or commend an Officer?

If you would like to thank or commend a police officer for a job well done, you can either contact our Office of Professional Standards at 304-696-5550 or the Chief’s Office at 304-696-5510. Your comments will be passed on to the officer, but this way a record of your gratitude or compliments can be placed in the officer’s personnel file.


How do I report misconduct by an officer?

Complaints are referred to our Office of Professional Standards. They can be reached at (304) 696-5550. Once a complaint is taken, it may either be referred to the officer’s supervisor or to the Office of Professional Standards, depending on the nature of the complaint.


How can I check for registered sex offenders?

The sex offender registry is maintained by the West Virginia State Police. Inquiries can be made either by calling 304-528-5555, or online at


How can I get my property back if it was recovered stolen or seized as evidence?

Most often, once a piece of property or evidence has been taken in, it is released by the court, to include prosecutors, magistrates, and circuit court judges. Reporting or investigating officers may also occasionally release property.

If you wish to reclaim a piece of evidence or property, you should first contact your detective, arresting officer, or prosecutor to ask them to authorize the release and forward the documentation to our property and evidence division. Once proper release documentation has been submitted, the Property Officer will contact you to schedule a time to collect your property. It is important that you leave a good phone number for the property officer to contact you.

All persons wishing to reclaim a firearm are subject to separate background check to ensure that they are lawfully eligible to receive or possess a firearm. This must be done on ALL FIREARMS, regardless of the disposition of any court case, and may take a few days. Once we receive the results, you will be contacted by our property officer.

All persons wishing to have any type of property released to them must have a valid photo ID.


How can I find out if someone is in jail?

All of our arrests, whether in Cabell or Wayne County, eventually end up at the Western Regional Jail. They can be reached at 304-733-6821. Daily incarcerations can be checked at Select “daily incarcerations” at the top left, then select “Western Regional Jail”.


Who do I contact about an outstanding traffic ticket? How do I pay my traffic ticket?

If you have received a traffic, arrest, or parking citation, and have questions regarding the fine or court date, you can contact the Municipal Court Clerk at 304-696-5920.


Where do I get more information becoming a member of the Huntington Police Department?

The Huntington Police Department only accepts applications every one to three years, when we are actively recruiting. All of our hiring is done according to West Virginia Police Civil Service law. Information can be found in Chapter 8, Article 14 of the West Virginia State Code. Specific information on our requirements and process can be found at


What type of calls do 911 handle?

All calls for police, fire, or EMS, whether emergency or non-emergency in nature, go through Cabell County 911. The Huntington Police Department does not do any radio dispatching from police headquarters.


How do I employ an off-duty police officer?

If you would like to inquire about hiring an officer to work an off-duty detail, call 304-696-5560. Someone at this number will assist you.


What is the Huntington Police Department’s address?

Huntington Police Department

675 10th Street

Huntington, WV 25701-2321


If I am a victim of a crime, what resources are available to me besides a police report?

There are various victim services resources on our victim services information page.