Crisis Intervention Team

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)

The Huntington Police Department is dedicated to responding appropriately to all calls for service within our jurisdiction.  Some calls for service involve the response to individuals experiencing mental health crises.  We recognize that interactions with our citizens who are experiencing mental health concerns, can, at times, be better served through a proper mental health assessment and access to quality mental health treatment.   We strive to interact with a balance of compassion and accountability.  To further this, the Huntington Police Department created its Crisis Intervention Team.

Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT) are programs that bring together local mental health service providers, law enforcement officers and consumers of mental health services.  Built from an internationally recognized model that has been around for decades, the main goal is to provide services to those who are experiencing mental health crises and who come into contact with law enforcement or other first responders.

The Huntington Police Department also aims to provide community outreach, through its CIT, to heighten awareness of mental health, reduce the stigma of mental illness, and to bridge the gap between the police and the community it serves.  In addition, we strive to provide quality training to our CIT members and to the agency as a whole about the signs, symptoms and the appropriate response to mental health crisis.

None of these things could be accomplished without the support and partnerships of those who have joined us in this endeavor.  We would like to thank the community mental health providers, clinicians, and subject matter experts who have provided such great insight into how we can strive to better serve our citizens in need of mental health concerns.

Community Resource Partners

Cabell County 911

Cabell Huntington Hospital

City of Huntington Municipal Judges

City of Huntington Office of Public Health & Drug Control Policy

Department of Corrections

First Choice Services (988)

Harmony House

Human Relations Commission

Huntington City Mission

Huntington Human Relations Committee

West Virginia Office of Drug Control Policy

Margaret-Mitchell Bateman Hospital

Marshall University Addictive Services

Marshall University Health

Marshall University Psychology Department



Quick Response Unit

Valley Health

Veterans Services

CORE CIT Community Partners

Office of Public Health & Drug Control Policy


Valley Health


Marshall University Health

Ohio Valley Physicians

First Choice Services (988)

To find out more about CIT in general, please follow the link:

The Huntington Police Department CIT made its debut in the spring of 2023, but has already been the recipient of several prestigious awards:

    • Recipient of the 2023 Municipal Enrichment Award
    • Recipient of the National League of Cities Capstone Challenge Award
    • Winner of the U.S. Conference of Mayors Police Reform and Equitable Justice Grant Program
    • Recipient of the West Virginia Municipal League All-Star Community Award