FOP Children’s Christmas Party

Fraternal Order of Police
Children’s Christmas Party

The annual FOP Children’s Christmas Party, organized and funded by Fraternal Order of Police Goldstar Lodge 65, has a history that goes back more than 40 years. What started as an effort to reach out to children and families in need during the holidays has grown tremendously.

Children from elementary schools located within the City of Huntington, (primarily first, second, and third graders) are chosen by the teachers at the schools. Children are transported by bus to a central location, where they receive lunch and interact with the attending police officers. All children have an individual photo taken with Santa Claus, which is later delivered to them at school. They each visit Santa as they leave and receive gifts to take home to open with their families.

Assisting and volunteering their time at the event are active and retired Huntington Police Officers and their family members, officers representing other agencies, and several volunteers, and other employees from the Huntington Police Department.

The FOP Children’s Christmas Party’s expenses average $10,000 annually for gifts, wrapping, food and entertainment, and are paid exclusively by FOP Goldstar Lodge 65 through fund raising and charitable donations. Members of the FOP and their significant others coordinate this party for the benefit of the children of our community.