Testing Resources

Testing resources – written exam

Police Officer written test study guide:
This resource is provided free by the company that composes our written exam for hiring.

Entry level police officer practice exam:
This resource is provided for a fee at your election by the company that composes our written exam for hiring.

Additional test preparation resources are available at the Cabell County Public Library’s website. These resources are not required but would be available at each applicant’s discretion or desire.

  • Go to to the “learning express hub” (www.learningexpresshub.com). On this page you will see a search box labeled “find resources”.
  • In the search field, simply type and enter the word “police” and several e-books and practice exams can be found. There are many different fields of study available here, in both entry and advanced levels.
  • There are also other resources available there for other test prep, civil service tests, literacy, reading, etc. These programs are all free of charge, requiring only that the user create an account and log in.
  • These resources are not written to prepare for the Huntington Police entrance exam specifically, but rather are general police vocational materials designed to help with test taking skills and preparation.
  • The Cabell County Public Library also offers an adult literacy program for anyone needing assistance in this area, information on this program can be obtained by calling 304-528-5700. The library also offers computers with internet access during normal business hours should anyone need that resource to access the online information.

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